EU Policy

EuDA in Europe

The European Dredging Association is an industry grouping of the leading European dredging companies and their national federations.
The overall goal of the Association is to ensure continuity of a healthy industry sector in Europe.
The dredging industry actively seeks :
  • To maintain a stable market for dredging services in Europe;
  • To support an efficient EU internal market for such services;
  • To maintain its market position in the dredging market world-wide;
  • To stimulate continued growth of the global market for capital dredging in a sustainable manner.
EuDA members are committed to private undertaking. The Association :
  • Will pursue its goals by endorsing polities to create fair and equitable conditions for competition;
  • Commits to respecting applicable national, European and international rules and regulations;
  • Commits to operating its fleet safely, effectively and responsibly.